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Atlantic Security
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Atlantic Security International Investigations, Inc. helps clients obtain the necessary, accurate information to solve a problem or make a decision. We do this by offering professional investigative and consulting services. Our professional services are categorized as such because of the qualified personnel we employ. Since we are a service firm, the quality of our product is the direct result of our investigators and consultants. We do not simply provide investigative and consulting services; we provide professional investigative and consulting services performed by qualified, experienced investigators and consultants. In addition, we offer our clients the benefits of dealing with a sizable organization. Our organization consists of 20 full-time staff, 15 part-time staff, and 20 strategic alliances to provide specialized services. We also have affiliations and memberships in national and international associations. In an industry that is dominated by one to five-person agencies, our organization provides the benefit of collaborative experience, range of services, and better responsiveness as a result of our available personnel resources.

Atlantic has gained significant national prominence through its consulting relationship with NBC, CBS and Fox affiliate news stations. Additionally, ASIII has provided investigative services to a number of high profile criminal cases in the mid-Atlantic region. Our corporate clients include Fortune 100 companies.

We conduct investigations and research worldwide and we are licensed to conduct surveillance in CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE and FL.


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