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There are certain safeguards you can take to protect your online banking activity. Customers who use online banking can detect fraud earlier by reviewing their account activity regularly, rather than waiting for a monthly statement in the mail. The Bank of America offers a list of tips to take into account when banking online. Confirm the Web site's validity. This can help minimize spoofing, and will help ensure customers are not fooled by fake versions of a banking site. Protect accounts. IDs and passcodes can be stolen through spyware or a phony Web site. Use safe computer behavior. Install protection such as firewalls, anti-virus software and anti-spyware software. Don't download materials from unknown senders. Use unique passwords that are hard to guess and change them often. Confirm the validity of all requests for sensitive personal, financial or account information, particularly if they are made with an urgent or threatening tone. Consumers who get the request through e-mail should open a new browser window and type in the referenced Web address rather than clicking on links provided within the e-mail. Monitor accounts, credit reports and credit scores. Notify banks and credit agencies immediately of any unauthorized transactions. Take advantage of free bank services, such as direct deposit. Do not share your IDs, passcodes or ATM passwords with anyone.

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