Services Offered

Atlantic is a full service Private Security and Investigations company. We offer a wide array of services and have been offering these services for over 20 years.

We have over 20 investigators on staff throughout the Northeast Corridor, all of whom are full-time Atlantic employees. We conduct investigations and research worldwide, and are licensed to conduct surveillance in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Florida. Please consider Atlantic for your investigative needs. Our highly trained staff is enthusiastic about what we do, because we believe in the services we provide. 





​Atlantic Investigations flat rate surveillance includes documenting a claimant’s activities with a detailed report and discreet videotaping of their daily activity. We provide 8 hours on site of surveillance complimented by a professional report, combined with the delivery of streaming video evidence, photographs, all travel, all pre-surveillance work and one copy of the CD-ROM, DVD or videotape.

​Activity Checks

​Investigator does a short investigation of the subject’s residence as well as the surrounding area. Information obtained from this type of investigation will include set-ups, surveillance feasibility, general condition of the neighborhood, properties or items for sale at the subject’s residence, any businesses that may be posted or listed at the subject residence, vehicles parked at the subject’s residence, as well as any other general information that may be identified. Investigator can also pretext neighbors to obtain more information regarding the subject during this type of check.

​Lifestyle Search

​A Lifestyle investigation is the equivalent to a real-time electronic activity check that determines, identifies and documents an individual’s exposure across the internet. The Lifestyle investigates: social networking, criminal and civil checks, secondary employment, driving records, address history, hobbies, affiliations, prior injuries, current activity level and much more!

​Lifestyle Search (Life On-Line)

​Searching all internet resources to determine if the subject is currently active or has been active online since their alleged injury date, without full background data.

​Lifestyle Boost

​Once the lifestyle has been completed, if there has been any activity on the subject’s identified social networking profiles, clients can continue to monitor the online activity for 6 weeks following the initial investigation to compile information. A final report with all updated date will be provided at the end of a six week period.

​​Employment Search

​With a Name, Date of Birth and Social Security Number, Atlantic can identify current and past employment and positions held during that employment.

​Vehicles and Auto Insurance Search by Household

​This search will list all vehicles registered at an address. This search will assist in preparing a subject’s income profile and/or revealing other individual’s that the subject lives with. It will also provide insurance information on vehicles located.

​Wellness Check

​An investigation performed by a Field Investigator that verifies a claimant’s current living status and activity status. Our field check involved an appointment and an in person interview with the claimant, including: current medical treatment and medications, next appointments, verification of employment/disability status, social security number, telephone, vehicle operation status, photo image of the claimant and their residence.

​​Hospital Canvass

​​A medical facilities and imaging center search expanding from the subject’s primary residence and address history to determine if the subject has been seen at any medical
facilities, inpatient, outpatient or clinic service.

​​Pharmacy Search

​A pharmacy facilities search expanding from the subject’s primary residence and address history to determine if the subject has been seen and acquired any pharmacy prescriptions; and in most cases identify the doctor issuing the prescription.

​​Claims Investigations

​Atlantic Investigations will conduct a claims investigation to obtain information and statements surrounding the witnessing of an incident, equipment involved, scene
investigation and identification for potential subrogation. This service can be used for any lines of insurance loss to include written/recorded/videotaped statements, accident/loss scene investigations, auto liability/bodily injury investigation, workers compensation Investigations, AOE-COE investigations and general liability investigations.

​​Statements in person
(Written/Recorded) over phone

​Obtain statements of claimant, witnesses, supervisors or other individuals with information pertaining to claim. Statements include information surrounding claim, claims history, medical history, hobbies and activities and if needed, a signed release form from claimant.​

Basic Asset Search

Nationwide search to locate vehicle, property or real estate owned by a person or corporate entity.

Basic Plus Asset Search

Includes the vehicle, property and real estate ownership along with their true values – leased, financed or owned –and any potential liabilities that may be tied to the property. This search will also reveal self-employment, secondary income, rental property and under the table employment.

​Financial Asset Search

​The financial asset search is used to locate assets for judgment recovery. This search
covers all tangible assets from Basic and Basic Plus searches, plus identifies financial
institutions and banks.

Insurance Investigations

​For more than 20 years, Atlantic Security International Investigations, Inc (ASIII) has assisted hundreds of clients in the insurance industry who have come to rely on us for accurate, dependable, and professional service.  Our four-step process insures the quick and accurate results to which our clients are entitled 

Corporate Investigations

​The competitive nature of business, as well as the constant change in the economy, has created a vital need for our investigative assistance for businesses of all sizes. Our investigations cover all areas of industrial espionage, theft, mismanagement as well as patent and trademark infringement.

Legal Investigations

​The Legal Team at Atlantic Security International Investigations, Inc. (ASIII) understands the need of the legal community and offers professional, relevant services.

Legal clients need quality services and personnel that will satisfy court scrutiny. They need responsiveness from their investigative service provider to meet critical timelines. They need experience to help plan investigative strategies. They need investigative resources that will equal or surpass the other side.

Information Services

​The Information Services Division at Atlantic provides a complete range of research services. No other company can offer more services. ASIII supplies information to private and legal clients, corporation entities, and government agencies. Because of the volume of research ASIII handles, it can provide these services at a substantially smaller cost than other companies.


​​As a company of security professionals, we strive to offer the most effective and cost efficient private security and executive protection services available.