Internship and CO-OP

Atlantic Security International Investigations, Inc. (ASIII), the premier Philadelphia-area private investigation agency, is currently seeking applicants for an internship program with our company. Successful candidates for this program will have the opportunity to experience first hand the day-to-day operations of a full-service private investigation agency.

Our internship program will cover the following areas:

Field Training

Integral to the experience of becoming a private investigator is professional and informative field training. Interns to the program will learn the basics of field investigation by training with seasoned field investigators. Conducting surveillance on a subject, obtaining information from sources while in the field, and writing comprehensive field reports are all covered under this section of the internship program.

Case Management

Witness a successful surveillance through the eyes of an experienced investigations manager. All of our investigations managers had, at one point in their careers, been proficient field investigators. Because of their success in the field, they were brought into the office to manage cases. As an intern, you would be able to take part in the ‘behind the scenes’ element of a surveillance effort. As important as the surveillance itself is the case preparation and research that takes place before the field investigator leaves the office. Additionally, case managers offer various forms of support and guidance to field investigators during surveillance. During this segment of the program, you would learn how a surveillance is guaranteed to be successful before it’s even conducted.

Legal and Criminal Investigations

Frequently, our office is contacted by attorneys, members of local law enforcement, and government agencies to assist in high-profile investigations. As an intern, you would learn how to conduct interviews, obtain statements, take scene photos, and serve subpoenas in this portion of the program.


Private investigation for the digital age. Learn how we obtain a variety of information for our clients through the Internet and other electronic database sources. With our research investigators, you would learn how computer investigation is becoming one of the most useful tools of the modern private investigator.

Administrative Processing

The ‘customer service’ end of the private investigation business begins with how field reports and research are transformed into accessible information for our Clients. In the private investigation industry, as in all other forms of business, presentation is everything. This portion of the program focuses on how field reports, research, and surveillance video are packaged in a professional manner, so as to be of use to our clients in legal proceedings.
In offering the aforementioned training areas, we hope to provide an apprentice to the private investigation industry a look inside the business and a thorough, ‘real life’ education. We’ve designed this program to be flexible with your schedule. You are in charge of designing your curriculum, and will be responsible for how much time you want to spend in each of the given areas. Like the saying goes, you will get out of it what you put in.
Join us for an experience inside a rapidly changing industry. It’s your first step into a larger world.