Information Services

The Information Services Division at Atlantic provides a complete range of research services. No other company can offer more services. ASIII supplies information to private and legal clients, corporation entities, and government agencies. Because of the volume of research ASIII handles, it can provide these services at a substantially smaller cost than other companies.​

Due Diligence

Bank Search

Stock & Bond Search

SEC Search

Media Search

Dun & Bradstreet Profiles

Property Ownership Nationwide

Business Credit History

Asset Search

Corporate Ownership History

Bankruptcy Search

Social Security Trace

Civil Record Search

Insurance Search

Credit Activity

Criminal History Nationwide

Personal Credit History

Driver Records / History

Phone Records


Cellular Phone Records

Employment Verification

Death Index Search

Professional Licensing

Locate Missing Persons

Birth Search

Divorce Records

Will Search

Post Office Box Ownership

Boat Registration

Aircraft Registration

Immigration & Naturalization

Marriage Records

Medical Information

Household Occupancy

Relationship Traces