Insurance Investigations

For more than 20 years, Atlantic Security International Investigations, Inc (ASIII) has assisted hundreds of clients in the insurance industry who have come to rely on us for accurate, dependable, and professional service.  Our four-step process insures the quick and accurate results to which our clients are entitled:

Our quality service begins with our office management personnel. Our investigations managers are responsible for the research and preparation necessary for a successful surveillance effort.  In this way, we insure that a claimant’s background information is double-checked and verified before our field investigator even leaves the office.


The next step in insuring a successful investigation is the employment of only qualified, seasoned investigators to conduct the work assigned to our company.  Every investigator in our employ is tested and trained in the field prior to being assigned work from our insurance clients.

Following each completed day of surveillance, our investigations managers provide our clients with verbal summaries of their claimant’s activities. Through these timely verbal updates, our clients are aware of their claimants activity levels and are able to make informed decisions regarding whether to continue an investigation, and for how long.

Lastly, when the investigation is complete, we take the process one step further by developing and producing quality reports and videotape for our clients perusal.  We prepare the written and visual materials in the most professional manner possible, so that any court-related issues may proceed smoothly, without interference from poorly presented or erroneous material.

With recent advances in technology, we are able to not only e-mail our reports to our Clients, but also send photo-quality images and video clips of claimant activity documented during surveillance.   With the pace of business accelerating day by day, we provide one of the most advanced forms of information exchange in the industry.  That’s because we understand that the information you receive next week is not helpful when you need it today.